Everything was fine...until the night the Blonde Butcher returned

a sample page from web comic Becky

Issue #1 of Becky Is Here!

Character's Bio

image of becky evil shape shifter


Birthday: ???

Height: varies

Weight: varies

Favorite Food: ???

Least Favorite Food: ???

Best Attribute: Fashion sense, ability to persuade and mislead

Worst Attribute: No regard for human life, an unquenchable taste for blood Evil shapeshifter, secretly living inside of Eric

Hometown: ???

image of shay, main character in comic, becky


Birthday: 11/08/95

Height: 5”6 1.68m

Weight: 135 lbs 62kg

Favorite Food: Shrimp/grits

Least Favorite Food: pineapple pizza

Best Attribute: Loyalty to those she cares about 

Worst Attribute: Allowing fear to hold her back

Affiliation: Only person able to stop Becky, Eric’s current girlfriend

Hometown: Grove Cliff, TX

image of eric, black comic book character in becky


Birthday: 10/03/95

Height: 5”11 1.80m

Weight: 160 lbs 73kg

Favorite Food: Chicken/Waffles

Least Favorite Food: pork and beans

Best Attribute: Hard working, creative, good business sense

Worst Attribute: Unaware an evil shapeshifter lives inside of him 

Affiliation: Shay’s boyfriend, unknowing body host of a killer

Hometown: Grove Cliff, TX

image of liz navarro from comic book becky


Birthday: 6/7/95

Height: 5”6 1.68m

Weight: 145 lbs 65kg

Favorite Food: Bao

Least Favorite Food: Brussel sprouts

Best Attribute: Wants to stop evil if she can help it

Worst Attribute: Allows setbacks to consume her life

Affiliation: Becky’s previous victim, Eric’s ex-girlfriend

Hometown: McAllen, TX

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